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My Cousin RachelDirected by: Roger Michell
Produced by: Kevin Loader
Written by: Roger Michell
Based on My Cousin Rachel by: Daphne du Maurier,Starring,Rachel Weisz,Sam Claflin,Iain Glen,Holliday Grainger,Cinematography Mike Eley
Edited by: Kristina Hetherington
Production company:Fox Searchlight Pictures,Free Range Films
Distributed by: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Release date:July 14, 2017
Country: (United States)
Language: English

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A dark romance, MY COUSIN RACHEL tells the story of a young Englishman who plots revenge against his mysterious, beautiful cousin, believing that she murdered his guardian. But his feeling become complicated as he finds himself falling under the beguiling spell of her charms.

The late-1830s action unfolds almost entirely on an estate near England’s southern coast, where Philip Ashley (Claflin) prepares for the arrival from Florence of Rachel (Weisz), the widow of his beloved cousin and guardian Ambrose and, he’s certain, Ambrose’s killer. As Michell establishes with tantalizing concision in the pre-title sequence, Ambrose’s letters home had taken a couple of drastic turns in recent months, from enchantment to mistrust to outright terror. The new wife he initially describes as “my kindest companion” soon becomes “my torment,” and before Philip can respond to the desperate plea his cousin has hidden in cramped scribble on the inner flap of an envelope, Ambrose is dead from a brain tumor.

This impulse of ambiguity, which runs all the way through the film and endows it with constant fascination and uninhibited suspense, considerably obliterates the effect when it crashes against the stone wall of the author’s deliberate admission of inconclusiveness. And as one searches back through the complex of personality revelations and clues, one finds that the story is little but a package of deceptions and tricks.

Female characters are seldom allowed to loom so large, and “My Cousin Rachel” reminds what a delight it can be when they do — which surely explains why Fox thought to revive this classic title, whose overripe 1952 sensibility (with its gothic sets, silvery cinematography and wall-to-wall score) leaves the novel open for an update. Even if this Searchlight-backed refresh is bound to have a relatively short shelf life, in “Notting Hill” director Roger Michell’s hands, it makes for a smart summer counter-programmer: While “Wonder Woman” wows the fanboys, art-house crowds have their own mysterious lady to marvel over.

But then you think: Perhaps this is the sort of person Philip is, looking for strong emotions to surrender to. Suspicion or attraction, hate or love – perhaps all he wants is the chance to give himself over to something larger than himself

The definitive Du Maurier adaptation has always been Hitchcock’s Rebecca (with De Havilland’s sister and longtime rival Joan Fontaine in the lead role). Michell (Le Weekend, Hyde Park on Hudson, Notting Hill) steps up to the mark with this adaptation, and while its commercial fortunes may prove as fragile as the spray on that beautifully-shot Cornish coast, he’s delivered a worthy inheritor of that cinematic tradition.

My Cousin Rachel Full Movie Online

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